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The future of stroke rehabilitation


Physical and cognitive

post-stroke rehabilitation device

MAGIC-GLASS is a technological solution, based on virtual reality (VR), which allows user to perfompost-stroke rehabilitation from home. 

MAGIC-GLASS is based on approches already successfully used in traditional rehabilitation, in a VR environment with serious games designed to improve both physical and cognitive skills.


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Update 28/08/2019

New Update for MagicGlass! The rehabilitation session starts directly in the virtual living room; In the vitual livin room you...

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An integrated HARDWARE platform, which includes VR headset, motion sensors and laptops to immerse the patient in the VR environment

Serious Game

A set of SERIOUS GAMES that adapt the level of difficulty to the patient’s performance and stimulate physical and cognitive rehabilitation in the immersive environment of virtual reality.

Web Platform

A WEB platform for healthcare professionals to access data and performance related to rehabilitation.

Mirror Therapy

Mirror Therapy is a rehabilitative approach that may active mirror neurons and influence brain rewiring, after stroke.