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Check if the system is correctly connected to the mains.

If the screen display the following, it means that the device is not connected to the internet. Connect the device to the internet.


If the screen display is the following, the password has not been entered correctly. Try entering the password again.


If you see a blue grid while doing the activity, it means that your position in front of the device is not correct. Try to position yourself centrally in front of the device.

If the following or similar screen is displayed, try turning the device off and on again.


If the view in VR is not clear it may means that the headset needs to be adjusted. Readjust the headset and clean the internal lenses using the wipes provided.

Fully extend the side sensors then turn on the device.

If the hand is not displayed in virtual reality:

– Try looking at the hand throught the VR headset;

– Bring the palm of the hand in front of the headset to eye level) and then move the hand away from the headset and repeat;

– The Leap Motion sensor could be disconnected. Try reconnecting the Leap

Motion sensor cable;

– The Leap 

Motion sensor may have lost the tracking. Insert the Leap Motion sensor in its appropriate shell in front of the visor;


If the display is not centred, restart the device and put the headset on when prompted. Before putting on the headset, position it as shown in the following photo.

If this screen appears when the device is turned on it means that the system is updating. Let the auto updater activity finish. Login screen will automatically appear to resume the activity.

Magic Glass technical support is available to help you if there are difficulties in using the system

Check the FAQ, you will find the main answers that are provided to our users.

If you do not find the answer, contact our assistance during the times and in the ways indicated on this page.